Ceramic works

Following on from my previous experiments with ceramics (see ‘hand made’ on my main site), I decided to continue messing about with some alternative incense holders and basic pots. Feels pretty good to move away from any digital processes and get my hands dirty a bit… Thanks Dad for inspiring me! 


I’ve always drawn and practised my illustration- from the days of being told off in college for drawing monsters instead of taking notes, but my artistic background lies in photography. I still undergo the odd commission/project every now and then but it’s mainly for my own satisfaction. 

I recently hooked up with local grunge duo Consummer where we shot some photos for their upcoming release…

Stick n’ Poke

I’m not one to latch on to trends, but tattooing has always been something that interests me heavily. I started messing around with some mini flash sheets last week, and started practising on my own ankle (and a willing volunteer’s!) at home. Classic DIY stick n’ pokes. Nothing special, but a bit of fun for now. I guess we’ll see where this leads… [excuse the terrible phone images!]

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